I am a Marketing Operations and Project Manager, Website Developer, and expert in Marketing Conversion Strategies and AI Integration.

I spent my early career in the corporate world, mobilizing business start-ups and handling aspects like branding, business plans, sales training, marketing, scalable growth, and team management. Early on, I discovered the transformative power of website development and social media, immersing myself in learning and implementing digital strategies.

In 2008, my career took a pivotal turn towards digital marketing. I became passionate about creating digital footprints that thrill and excite customers. The challenge of managing complex projects with countless moving parts became my driving force, leading me to master the art of building and optimizing websites and funnels for high conversion rates.


Over 15 years, I honed my skills in copy editing, website and funnel building, testing, and editing. I learned the importance of delegation and automation, setting up systems and processes to ensure team alignment and achieve company goals efficiently. My expertise now lies in combining traditional marketing operations with cutting-edge AI solutions to drive business success.

I believe the growth of the internet and digital systems is the answer. I am a resourceful, analytical self-starter with can-do attitude and personality. I work well managing multiple projects simultaneously. Whether it is a small brass-tacks company that has no website and difficulty using email, or a large online business with multiple remote employees and affiliates, my specialty is analyzing, organizing, and streamlining your marketing and operations using cutting edge technology.



Whether it is for a one-off project or long term help, let's work together to help you achieve your vision. Some of the other services I offer include (but are not limited to):

  • AI Strategy Consulting: Customized AI strategies that align with business goals
  • Marketing Operations & Conversion Strategy: Building and optimizing high-conversion websites and funnels.
  • Custom AI Solutions: Tailored AI applications to solve specific business challenges.
  • AI-Driven Content Marketing: Personalizing content to enhance audience engagement.
  • Chatbot Development: Intelligent chatbot design for improved customer interactions.
  • Voice-Enabled AI Solutions: Implementing AI voice technologies for enhanced customer experiences.
  • Ongoing Website Management: Your online properties will always stay updated and functional


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  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work, dedication and flexibility to help me and my marketing director for over a year and a half. Your professionalism and attention to detail in helping us get so many projects done was priceless. I am so grateful and will use you in the future when the time arises. I am also more than happy to speak with anyone who wants a character and talent reference about you. Again, many thanks!
    John Assaraf
  • If you need your ideas and vision turned into reality and no idea how to get there, Simone is your first step. She understands all the moving pieces needed to create a stunning presence for your company (whether in web or in print) and more importantly, how to find the right people to call in to get it all done. Professional and organized, she brings an eye for detail, and the ability to manage and motivate a team. She’s the one you want to take your projects from pipe dream to profit.
    Donna Fox
    CMO, Groove Digital
  • Simone is the person most responsible for our recent growth. She has worked tirelessly making sure my website and brochure were perfect and being there for me for so many business related decisions. Thank you Simone, its been an honor to know you for almost 20 years. Anyone needs help with their website, you know who to call!
    Rick Elezi
    President, R.E.M. Residential
  • Simone is an amazing person to work with, she has many great skills that helped me grow and improve my firm. She was a great asset to my firm. I highly recommend her.
    Ronnie Aviram
    President, All American Van Lines
  • I've hired Simone several times to run complicated projects. Unlike other executive assistants, Simone truly understands Internet marketing, article marketing, social media, content management, SEO, and all aspects of online business. She also attended large conferences with me and helped develop offline relationships.
    Jeanette Joy
  • Working with Simone was an absolute pleasure. This is a manager who makes herself readily available to those she works with, whether she is reporting to them or they to her. She is consistent and organized, and has the capability to think through any situation to find a viable solution that works for the client.
    Paula Sprunger
  • Simone manages every project with zeal. She's always on top of every step to make sure milestones are being met. She's methodical, meticulous and detail-oriented, especially important when accomplishing complex projects with many moving parts. She's also a most able communicator. These qualities, plus her business and marketing background, made Simone a valuable member of our marketing team.
    Ron Marcus
    Director of Marketing, Kartra

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