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May 18, 2018
Business Services
April 29, 2014
  • TaskDevelop and Maintain Website

I began working with REM Residential in early 2016. They had hired a company to update their website. The project was in progress when I stepped in however they felt that the company they were working with were not able to achieve their vision.

Initially, I worked as a Project Manager, translating REM Residential's ideas to the development team. After a short amount of time we determined that the development team employed did not have the technical ability to achieve the desired outcome.

What began as a simple 6 or 7 page website has evolved over the years into a large, informative hub. I am proud to say that this website organically ranks within the top results for all desired searches. Before the site update, R.E.M. Residential would get one to two requests a month directly from their website.

After the update, they routinely get twenty or thirty serious requests a month. We continually update, renew and improve both R.E.M. Residential's vision and results.


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