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On the first weekend of June, I had the privilege of being invited to Ken McArthur’s JV Alert.

Ken McArthur is known as “the nicest guy in internet marketing.” He insists that it is because someone branded him as that, and he has nothing to do with it. Which is a testament to who he is. The reality is that it is really true. He is a man driven by good intentions and  the pure spirit of connecting people for their benefit. He believes in what he does, and is committed to connecting people so that they can profit from their joint ventures and partnerships that form at his event.

Aside from the social aspect, he invites top-0f-the-line speakers who provide incredible learning tools with amazing content. Some of the speakers lined up were Simon Leung, Robert Puddy, Adam Urbanksi, Mark Nathwani, and Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins.

Some of the subjects that the speakers covered were:

  • Investing in yourself and being the best “you” you can be
  • The importance and profitability of membership sites
  • The uses of PLR (Private Label Rights) products in your business, regardless of what your business is
  • Becoming a Celebrity
  • Internet Marketing Coaching
  • The 10 secrets of how you can dramatically improve your rankings in google
  • Online Marketing tips to increase your business
  • And much, much… much more!

But at JV Alert, its not just the speakers that will blow you away. The caliber of the attendees are pretty incredible too. The crowd is usually fun and spirited, and just eating dinner is an experience in itself. Conversation flows from the wild and maudlin to invaluable business ideas and brainstorming sessions.

Some of the attendees whose company I really enjoyed were Nicole Munoz, LasseRouhiainen, Frank Sousa, Mike Lewis, James Lee, Warren Yip, Andy Huang, Bryan Dulaney,  Donna Fox, Nancy Perez, and Rhonda Cort.

JV Alert is one of the best not-to-be-missed seminars of the year, both for the education and for the social and business aspects. I will definitely share more of what I learned later, but do yourself a favor, and don’t miss the next one!

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